Gel fingernail polish

Several pretty colors in the package of nail polishes. Polish was thick where u didn’t have to keep doing several different coats, and of coarse blue was my favorite. Would recommend.


Lap top case

This review is for laptop case. I love this hip style print.  It is perfect size. The inside has nice soft fur like to help electronics to not get scratched and to protect if dropped.  Perfect for computer or tablets.  The material seems to be sturdy and well sew together, my thoughts it will last for long time. The colors of the design are bright and sharp to the eyes. I would give this a five star. 

iPhone 7 credit card holder

Product review for iPhone 7 case which has the secret compartment for credit cards. I like the design of this case because it makes it easier to keep everything in one place especially at work. The secret compartment is well disguised that someone would not notice that it was there. The rose color is a nice change from most of the black ones that we have seen for the afternoon. The case is made of hard plastic which would probably give moderate protection for the phone. The inside of case has soft rubber to protect the phone from not getting scratched. I would recommend this case to others.

Note 7 carbon case

This product review is for the note 7 carbon case. The appearance gives the rough texture look. But the texture is smooth and glossy. This case would provide moderate protection for phone it conforms well to the phone.  This case would give a classy look to your iPhone. Recommend phone case